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Improvement of High Blood Pressure
T'ai Chi Ch'uan is effective in improving the health status of participants with high blood pressure (hypertension); and its related risk factors, such as; dyslipidemia, hyperglycemia, and quality of life, in older adults in China.
Journal of Cardiology July 2015 - by researchers from Griffith University, Australia
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Improvement of Bone Health, Heart, Balance & Flexibility, Reduction in Falls, Quality of Life, Immunne System, Mental Health 
T'ai Chi and Qigong demonstrated consistent, significant results for a number of health benefits, including: bone health, cardiopulmonary fitness and related biomarkers, physical function, falls prevention and balance, general quality of life and patient reported outcomes, immunity, and psychological factors such as anxiety, depression and self-efficacy
A Comprehensive Review of Health Benefits of Qigong and Tai Chi - Published in the US National Library of Medicine July 2010
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Reduction in the Number, Risk of, and Fear of Falls
Senior participants in T'ai Chi (Yang) classes had fewer falls and fewer fall injuries than others who participated in stretching type classes such as yoga. With T'ai Chi, the risk of multiple falls was decreased 55%
Journal of Gerontology 2005 - cited by Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
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