Simplified Tai Chi Program May Be More Effective for the Functional Movement in Older Adults December 21, 2016 - A new Chinese study, published by Evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine in November of 2016, aimed to evaluate and compare the effect of two different types of Tai Chi programs on the Functional Movement Screening (FMS) in older adults. Ninety older adults (61 to 70 year old) who met the eligibility criteria were randomized into three different groups: a traditional Tai Chi exercise (TTC), a simplified Tai Chi exercise (TCRT), or a control group (routine activity). The FMS consisted of the deep squat, hurdle step, in-line lunge, shoulder mobility, act

Tai Chi Has a Heart December 21, 2016 - Exercise has been shown to improve cardiovascular fitness and cognitive function. Whether the inclusion of mind over exercise would increase parasympathetic control of the heart and brain activities more than general exercise at a similar intensity is not known. A new study published by the Journal of physical therapy science compared the effects of Tai Chi versus arm ergometer cycling (body-focused exercise) on the heart rate variability and prefrontal oxygenation level. A Tai Chi master was invited to perform Tai Chi and arm ergometer cycling

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