Baduanjin Qigong Combined with CBT Beneficial to Physical Fitness and Psychological Health of Elderl December 27, 2018 - A Chinese study reported by the journal Medicine in December 2018 investigated the effectiveness of Baduanjin Qigong combined with cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT) on the physical fitness and psychological health of elderly housebound. The 120 elderly housebound were randomly divided into 3 intervention groups: Baduanjin training, Baduanjin training combined with CBT, and CBT. The interventions were conducted by means of home visits over 6 months. Spirometry, SF-36 health survey of quality of life, and Lawton and Brody Instrumental Activities of Daily Living Scale (I

Effects of Tai Chi Yunshou on Community-based Stroke Patients December 27, 2018 - Tai Chi was used for stroke survivors with balance impairments. However, even a short-form of Tai Chi includes forms that make the exercise challenging for the stroke survivors. Tai Chi Yunshou (wave hands in the cloud) is the "mother" form and the fundamental form of all Tai Chi styles, which is considered more suitable and feasible for stroke survivors with balance impairments. A Chinese study recently published by European review of aging and physical activity was designed to evaluate the effects of Tai Chi Yunshou exercise on community-based

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