How Prevalent Are Tai Chi and Qigong in the US Workforce ? January 21, 2017 - Mindfulness-based practices can improve workers' health and reduce employers' costs by ameliorating the negative effect of stress on workers' health. In January, 2017, CDC released a report by Miller School of Medicine, University of Miami that examined the prevalence of engagement in 4 mindfulness-based practices in the US workforce. The project used 2002, 2007, and 2012 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) data for adults to examine 12-month engagement in Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, and Qigong among different groups of workers. While reported Yoga practice pr

Qiqong Improved Balance for Breast Cancer Survivors January 21, 2017 - Deterioration in bone strength and balance performance after breast cancer treatment can result in injurious falls. Therefore, interventions need to be developed to improve the bone strength and balance ability of breast cancer survivors. A cross-sectional exploratory study published by Integrative cancer therapies in December, 2016 compared the bone mineral density (BMD), balance performance, balance self-efficacy, and number of falls between breast cancer survivors who practiced Qigong, breast cancer survivors who did not practice Qigong, and h

Tai Chi Can Improve Postural Stability among Healthy Older Adults January 21, 2017 - A new Chinese study, appeared in the journal Evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine, examined the effects of Tai Chi on postural control when upright standing was perturbed by upper limb movement. Three groups, TC, Brisk walk (BW), and sedentary (SE), of thirty-six participants aged from 65 to 75 years were recruited from local community centers. Participants performed static balance task (quiet standing for 30?s with eyes open and closed) and fitting task (two different reaching distances X three different opening sizes to fit objects through). During

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